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Western Red Quills

Like most common names, "Western Red Quill" can refer to more than one taxon. They're previewed below, along with 1 specimen. For more detail click through to the scientific names.

Mayfly Species Paraleptophlebia gregalis

These are sometimes called Western Red Quills.
This species produces fishable hatches, but it is not well-known in angling literature. This is due primarily to its range, which consists only of California and parts of Oregon. It is a small (by western Paraleptophlebia standards) Spring emerger that fills the niche taken by Paraleptophlebia heteronea in the rest of the West.

Mayfly Species Heptagenia elegantula

These are very rarely called Western Red Quills.
The spinner falls of this elegant species can be quite important to anglers across the West. Recent revisions have synonymized the Midwestern species Heptagenia diabasia that may be of some local importance.
Heptagenia elegantula (Pale Evening Dun) Mayfly NymphHeptagenia elegantula (Pale Evening Dun) Mayfly Nymph View 6 Pictures
Collected June 5, 2005 from in
Added to by on May 24, 2006

Mayfly Species Rhithrogena undulata

These are very rarely called Western Red Quills.
This is one of the two most common species of Rhithrogena.
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