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Glossosoma intermedium or nigrior
Jun 30, 2020 by Wiflyfisher in genus Glossosoma
2Jul 1, 2020
by Wiflyfisher
Tiny Black Caddis hatch, late fall - Nov 26 to be exact_ Spring Creek Southern MO [Page: 1, 2]
Dec 29, 2010 by Dai_sca in family Hydroptilidae
21Dec 11, 2019
by Pdcox
Emerger pictures anyone???
Mar 30, 2010 by Hellgie in genus Chimarra
5Apr 9, 2018
by Gazzer
Grannom vs Apple Caddis
Apr 26, 2010 by Walleye in order Trichoptera
7Jan 11, 2017
by Afishinado
Brachycentrus americanus on the Lower Sacramento River California
Oct 29, 2016 by Troutguide in species Brachycentrus americanus
Arctopsyche grandis in waterton canyon
May 16, 2016 by Krikut in species Arctopsyche grandis
1May 17, 2016
by Bnorikane
grannom caddis [Page: 1, 2, 3] Featured Topic
Sep 26, 2006 by Goose in genus Brachycentrus
56Feb 1, 2016
by Martinlf
Caddis Pupae Question [Page: 1, 2, 3] Featured Topic
Dec 6, 2010 by PaulRoberts in order Trichoptera
40Nov 23, 2015
by Martinlf
Mar 4, 2015 by Btopbuckeye in genus Chimarra
6Mar 6, 2015
by Crepuscular
Polycentropodidae or?
Oct 1, 2013 by LowBudget in family Polycentropodidae
14Jul 24, 2014
by Crepuscular
Arctopsyche Grandis
Jul 2, 2014 by Epeorus in genus Arctopsyche
6Jul 6, 2014
by Entoman
Moved from genus level to N. albida
Jun 15, 2014 by Entoman in species Nectopsyche albida
Arctopsyche grandis
Sep 8, 2011 by Flymonster in species Arctopsyche grandis
6May 20, 2013
by Flymonster
White Miller Bug
May 3, 2013 by MIKE54 in species Nectopsyche albida
3May 4, 2013
by Adirman
found these in runoff to our creek
Aug 20, 2009 by Deke in order Trichoptera
1Aug 9, 2012
by Sayfu
Pupa color?
Mar 27, 2008 by Frankcoz in genus Chimarra
6Apr 5, 2012
by Entoman
october caddis
Oct 6, 2011 by Amosg in genus Dicosmoecus
Help identifying large caddis
Oct 25, 2010 by Fishhead990 in order Trichoptera
15Jan 31, 2011
by Entoman
Jan 14, 2011 by Entoman in genus Banksiola
4Jan 22, 2011
by Entoman
Does anyone have success fishing this hatch?
Sep 24, 2006 by Troutnut in genus Mystacides
9Jan 14, 2011
by PaulRoberts
What flies to imitate
Sep 19, 2006 by Goose in genus Ceratopsyche
12Mar 21, 2010
by Martinlf
Caddisfly adult ID
Dec 18, 2009 by Dryfly in order Trichoptera
3Dec 19, 2009
by Creno
caddis fly phonics guide
Oct 30, 2009 by SlapNuts in family Brachycentridae
6Oct 31, 2009
by Taxon
plz remove duplicated post refresh makes it send again sorry :(
Aug 20, 2009 by Deke in order Trichoptera
found these in runoff to our creek
Aug 20, 2009 by Deke in order Trichoptera
found these in runoff to our creek
Aug 20, 2009 by Deke in order Trichoptera
Penn's Creek Grannom in July?
Jul 6, 2009 by Mesanomad in order Trichoptera
15Jul 9, 2009
by Martinlf
May 25, 2009 by GennieS in order Trichoptera
2May 26, 2009
by Shawnny3
bright green?
Jan 12, 2009 by Phishheaduj in genus Chimarra
1Jan 12, 2009
by Taxon
You Western anglers - any experience with the Giant Orange Sedges?
Jul 29, 2006 by Troutnut in genus Dicosmoecus
7Jan 7, 2009
by Dgracia
October Caddis Featured Topic
Jul 29, 2006 by Taxon in genus Dicosmoecus
19Oct 24, 2008
by Jack_k
Great Autumn Brown Sedges on Potomac River
Oct 2, 2008 by BrettB in genus Pycnopsyche
3Oct 3, 2008
Zebra Caddis
Aug 4, 2008 by Lastchance in species Macrostemum zebratum
1Aug 4, 2008
by Taxon
Apr 29, 2007 by Grannom in family Brachycentridae
11Apr 26, 2008
by Grannom
pupa color
Apr 19, 2008 by LittleJ in genus Glossosoma
7Apr 22, 2008
by LittleJ
Dec 27, 2007 by Dirremeang in order Trichoptera
3Mar 10, 2008
by Taxon
Behavioral Drift - With or Without Case?
Jun 18, 2007 by DaveC in order Trichoptera
3Jul 3, 2007
by JeffK
Caddisflies darkening after emergence
May 18, 2007 by Troutnut in order Trichoptera
5Jun 18, 2007
What's happening here?
Jun 5, 2007 by Troutnut in genus Brachycentrus
5Jun 6, 2007
by Troutnut
Agapetus are EVERYWHERE!!!!
Apr 12, 2007 by Litobrancha in family Glossosomatidae
1Apr 12, 2007
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